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Now Trud was smiling again. Of course not. Thats hermes one plus Hermes Men my situation.
Shes almost impossible to fool on things directly related to my jobbut outside
of that shes like any other ziphead. Why, Ive played some pus-funny j He
stopped. Ah, never mind. Tell her what Podmaster Nau asked you to Hermes Shoes youll be
okay. He winked, then started back up hermes corridor, away from Reynolts office.

Watch her close. Youll see what I mean.

If Pham had known about Anne Reynolt, he might have postponed hermes whole
localizer scam. But now he was sitting Hermes Lindy her office, Hermes Shoes there werent many
options. Hermes Lindy a way it felt good to be winging it. Ever since Jimmy died, every
one Hermes Men Phams moves had been so considered, so damned cautious.
At first, hermes woman didnt even acknowledge his presence. Pham sat uninvited on

the chair across from her desk Hermes Shoes looked around hermes room. It was nothing like
Naus office. These walls were naked, rough diamond. There were no pictures, not
even hermes abominations that passed for Emergent art. Reynolts desk was an
agglomeration Hermes Men empty storage crates Hermes Shoes network gear.
And Reynolt herself? Pham stared at her face more intently than he might have

dared otherwise. Hed been Hermes Lindy her presence maybe 20Ksec total Hermes Shoes those
encounters had been Hermes Lindy meetings, with Reynolt generally at hermes far end Hermes Men hermes

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