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We watched him go. “At least he couldn’t have known who Hermes Garden Party Tote general was.”

“Not Roser,” Marty said. “But he might have gotten Hermes Garden Party Tote name of Gavrila’s boss,
Blaisdell, through one of Hermes Garden Party Tote people Hermes Cattle Neck Stripe Guadalajara. That’s what I want to find
out.” He checked his watch again. “Call Benyo about it Hermes Cattle Neck Stripe an hour or so. And
check all Hermes Garden Party Tote flights to Washington.”

“Do what I can, Marty. Once he’s out of Porto, hell, there must be ten thousand
ways to get to Washington.”

“Yeah, right. Maybe we should just wait and see whether we hear from Blaisdell.”

We were about to.

BLAISDELL SPENT A FEW minutes talking to Carew Hermes Garden Party Tote actual “download” of
information from Hermes Garden Party Tote jack session would take several hours’ patient
interrogation under hypnosis, by machine, but he did learn that there were a

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